Corralejo Tequila Reposado – 750 ml



Product Description

Color: Light straw/gold.
Nose: Right up front, you encounter a clean, herbaceous agave character, defining the glass in hand. Another pass, and you’ll get a slightly astringent medicinal note along with soft green fruit, unripe peach, and a hint of caramel. Vanilla and honey are present, but not in the overwhelming way they appear in many recently launched brands.
Palate: It opens round and silken with just a hint of an alcohol or oak bite and a wisp of stone fruit. At the mid-palate, it is light-bodied, especially for a reposado, again with agave leading, overlain with pineapple and a hint of brown sugar. As you swallow, it’s once again pleasingly mellow and silky, exhibiting slightly sweet agave notes, perhaps even sweeter than expected.
Finish: A lovely long finish of spice, herb, oak, jalapeño, and alcohol. Some may find the final astringent and alcohol notes a little off-putting, but for some they will be reminiscent of agave fields outside of the state of Jalisco, where unusual flavor profiles abound.

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  1. Susan H

    its one of my favorite tequila of all

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