Evan Williams – Kentucky Straight Bourbon – 750 ml



Product Description

Color: Deep brown/copper.
Nose: Less overwhelming than one might expect for a 100-proof whiskey. The dominant notes are not alcohol and oak, but rather caramel and vanilla, with hints of brown sugar, cinnamon, apple, and honey.
Palate: It opens bright and fruity, with just a hint of the alcohol and oak involved. On the mid-palate, while it is chewy and fruit notes start to emerge, the overall effect is of a light- to medium-bodied whiskey with emerging vanilla, black pepper, and cinnamon. At the back of the throat, the alcohol and oak kick in, but with less impact than one might expect (This is still a 100-proof spirit: Drink in moderation). An almost-medicinal sweetness lingers at the back of the mouth.
Finish: A medium-to-short finish of oak, vanilla, black pepper, and menthol. As it continues to evolve, the remnants of the finish trend more towards a menthol, medicinal character, with a hint of brown sugar on the tongue.

1 review for Evan Williams – Kentucky Straight Bourbon – 750 ml

  1. St. James (verified owner)

    You don’t want to make a Manhattan with this but it’s completely serviceable for well drinks, up to and including a passable Old Fashioned. Cheaper than Jack but provides a decent buzz (unlike Bulliet Bourbon, in my opinion). I keep some of this around primarily to extend the life of my top shelf bourbon, and it works out just fine.

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