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  • Mezcal Paloma Cocktail

    Original price was: $65.99.Current price is: $59.99.
  • El Buho Espadin Distilled With Mango – 750ml

  • El Buho Mezcal Agave Jabali – 750ml

  • El Buho Mezcal Agave Mexicano – 750ml

  • El Buho Mezcal Arronqueno – 750ml

  • El Buho Mezcal Capon Espadin – 750ml

  • El Buho Mezcal Ensamble – 750ml

  • El Buho Mezcal Espadin – 750ml

  • El Buho Mezcal Extra Anejo – 750ml

  • El Buho Mezcal Tepeztate – 750ml

  • The Mezcal Paloma Cocktail Set – 4 Servings

    Original price was: $55.99.Current price is: $49.99.
  • Madre Mezcal Ancestral Ensamble – 750ml

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  • Mezcal Delivery

    We offer the best mezcals available for local delivery or shipping to over 30 states!

    What Is Mezcal?

    Mezcal is said to be tequila’s sexier and more sophisticated cousin. Most people believe mezcal is an upscale variation of tequila but it’s just as easily accessible!

    “It’s said to be the fine wine of agave spirits, and some consumers think they need to be a connoisseur to consume it. In reality, mezcal is a complex spirit that’s easy to understand. It’s a brilliant cultural, historical, and fun spirit that can be enjoyed by anyone,” says Chantal Scutt, a bartender in Florida who offers mezcal tastings at a casual but classy bar.

    How Do you Drink Mezcal?

    Some mezcals are great for slow sipping (or “kissing” as the mezcaleros like to call it). Because of its flavor complexity, you can truly enjoy a slow sip – for this we recommend Montelobos Tobala Joven and Dos Hombres Artesenal.

    Many prefer to mix mezcal in a cocktail because of its versatile yet complex flavors. It really elevates  the flavor of any cocktail. We recommend a mezcal margarita for those seeking a smokier and more complex margarita. For those who love the smokiness of an old fashioned, they’ll be hooked on a mezcal old fashioned. Mezcal mixes great with a wide variety of flavors. So you can really substitute any liquor in your favorite cocktail for mezcal and get a more sophisticated cocktail.

    We love mezcal and we think you will too. Especially because mezcal delivery is easier than ever now with Sipsy. Order your favorite mezcal bottle or cocktail pack and we’ll deliver it in as little as 30 minutes. If you don’t live in our delivery zone, we’ll ship it to you!

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