Yeyo Blanco Tequila – 750ml


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Product Description

Indulge in the Ultimate Tequila Experience with Yéyo Blanco
Savor the delicate blend of crisp, clean flavors with a touch of rich, floral citrus agave notes. Yéyo Blanco strikes the perfect balance between sweet, spicy, and peppery notes, making it the ideal tequila to enjoy straight up or mixed in your favorite cocktail. 

• 100% family estate grown agave

• Sustainably farmed, free of pesticides & fertilizers

• Made at NOM 1414 by Master Distiller Sergio Cruz

• Cooked in brick ovens for 53+ hours

• Fermented with Classical Music 190+ hours

• Double Distilled in Copper Pot Stills

• Verified additive free by Tequila Matchmaker

• 80 Proof

• Gluten Free


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