El Gran Legado Blanco and Cascahuin Blanco Tequila – 2pk



Product Description

This is a 2pk combo featuring 2 Tequila favourites, El Gran Legado Blanco 750 ml and Cascahuin Blanco Tequila 750 ml. These are limited bottles so it’s limit one pack per customer.

These are the best tequilas coming out of NOM 1123

Cascahuin Blanco Tequila

Cascahuin Blanco is characterized by a touch of minerality, a characteristic pertaining to El Arenal, Jalisco. The dominant aromas and natural flavors of cooked agave are reminiscent of the brick ovens that allow the agave to hold on to the fresh citrus sensations.

El Gran Legado Blanco

Fantastic clean blanco from the famed Cascahuin distillery made with agaves harvested in Michoacán. Confirmed Additive Free by Tequila Matchmaker

80 proof / 40% ABV / NOM: 1123 / Cascahuin / El Arenal, Jalisco


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