Don Julio 1942 Rosado Reposado (Limited Edition) – 750ml


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A Limited Edition Reposado from Don Julio rested in ruby port wine casks to create a beautiful pink hue. 

Notes of creamy strawberry, ripe raspberry, dried plum, roasted caramel, and a touch of rich cocoa to create a complex but surprisingly approachable tequila

Julio Gonzalez was a simple farmer with an unparalleled devotion to his craft. His relentless devotion revolutionized the world of tequila-making, bringing it to uncharted heights. Always in search of better, Don Julio cared for his agave with the highest quality in mind. Each agave was carefully planted, giving them the room to fully grow and mature, and he hand-selected only the sweetest, most luscious portions of the piñas to be harvested at the peak of ripeness.


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