Cascahuin Tahona Blanco and Plata 48 Tequila – 2pk


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This is a 2pk of Cascahuin Tahona and Plata 48 Tequila.

Cascahuin Plata 48 – 750ml

Distilled to proof at 48%, and bottled without filtration or dilution, delivering rustic and complex flavors attributed uniquely to Valley tequila production. High proof gives the drinker access to volumes of flavor, particularly, agave, yeast, and pepper, with the refreshing effect of high alcohol presence, and a fatty, lasting mouthfeel from residual agave oils

100% agave, Verified Additive Free by Tequila Matchmaker

NOM 1123 / Cascahuin Distillery / El Arenal, Jalisco / 96 proof / 48% ABV

Cascahuin Tahona Blanco – 750ml

The creators of Cascahuin believe that innovation in Tequila comes from digging back into its artisanal roots, and the use of a tahona in the production of this incredible blanco is exactly that.

  • Savory notes and minerality coming from the roasting in stone ovens, use of a traditional stone tahona, and copper pot distillation.
  • Higher-proof blanco at 42% for a crisp tasting experience and increased citrus, herbal, and floral notes
  • Slow maceration with a Tahona means less methanol in the final product, which means less of a headache the next day.


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