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Campante Joven Mezcal – 750ml

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Product Description

Mezcal Campante is a small-batch, award-winning, premium artisanal mezcal, steeped in heritage and craftsmanship. Made from a unique ensamble of the finest selected Espadin and Barril agave, grown in the rich and fertile soils of Oaxaca, Mexico. Distilled twice to guarantee an exceptional smooth finish, this perfectly balanced spirit is lightly smoky making it delightfully drinkable and versatile. Perfect mezcal to served neat, on the rocks, with soda or in a cocktail of choice. 


Start your journey with Campante. 


Hard to make, easy to enjoy, simple to share. 




SIGHT: Clear with silver hues, full-bodied.


AROMA: Light smoked nuances, aromas of vanilla, chocolate and caramel, light herbal tones such as rosemary, eucalyptus, mint and orange blossoms.


TASTE: Sweet and silky, the fruity aromas decant to citrus, leaving delicate smoky tones in the mouth.

Perfectly balanced.




ARTESANAL, Ensamble, 100% Maguey


MASTER MEZCALERO: Raúl Rodriguez Reyes

ORIGIN: Ejutla, Oaxaca, Mexico

AGED: 0 – Joven / Blanco

AGAVE ENSAMBLE: Espadin & Barril

AGAVE SPECIES: a. angustifolia

  1. karwinskii

AGE OF AGAVE: 8-13 years

ABV: 40% Alc.Vol

ADJUSTMENTS: Heads & tails

GRIND: Tahona

OVEN: Ground conical oven

FERMENTATION: Wood sabino vats

DISTILLATION: Double distilled


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