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What time is happy hour (during quarantine)?

April 16, 2020

Is it Monday? Is it a weekday or a weekend? Is it 11am or 5pm? It’s all a blur when you’re in lockdown. So happy hour is really any time you want it to be…and the best part is there’s no one to judge you since you’re probably drinking alone. In-home alcohol consumption has shot up approximately 52% during the quarantine. With bar and restaurant closures, people are getting their drink-on at home. What are the most popular quarantine drinks? We’ll answer that for you here!


We were really curious to see what some of the highest consumed beverages are so we took a deeper look and brought you a list of the top 5 most ordered beverages on Sipsy:


#1 – Chardonnay

 Probably because chardonnay can be appropriately consumed during the day and in the evening. During the quarantine and when ordering wine online, drinking times have started earlier in the day and chardonnay is an easy one to enjoy during the day and into the evening, especially after a long day of homeschooling. Some of the top sellers in chardonnay are Hess Select Chardonnay and Barefoot Chardonnay.


#2 – Beer

While it is hard to pinpoint one type of beer people are drinking, there are a variety of craft beers that have been flying off the shelves. We’ve seen that people are experimenting more with beers  and trying stuff they usually would at a bar or brewery. One beer that is ordered online a lot is Golden Road Wolf Pup IPA. It’s different yet familiar.


#3 – Tito’s Vodka

We’re calling this one out by brand because its sales far surpass any other vodka brand.


#4 – Hard Seltzer 


with White Claw leading the way. These are easy to drink and kinda guilt-free with under 100 calories per serving. 


#5 – Cabernet Sauvignon 

A favorite among wine lovers because of its versatility. A popular mid-range options is the Bogle Cab


What’s more interesting is people are trying to bring the bar home. In non-quarantine times, people order the basic; beer, wine, and liquor, but now we’re seeing a 64% spike in liqueurs like aperol and campari, fancy mixers, and garnishes, to try to replicate those yummy hand-crafted cocktails we usually get at bars and restaurants. 


An obvious trend is the spike in home delivery services. People are trying to avoid trips to the store so alcohol delivery services such as Sipsy have seen over 200% spike in demand. Google searches for “wine delivery near me” and “order wine online” have quadrupled over the past month.


Whether the trends and habits we’ve formed during quarantine will outlast the quarantine itself  – we’ll just have to wait and see. Until then, we just have to sit back and enjoy our judgement-free quarantine drinks!

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