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Smoke Signals: Why Mezcal is The Hottest Liquor on the Market

July 8, 2020

What is Mezcal? Tequila’s sexier and smokier cousin is setting the liquor world on fire. Most people believe mezcal is an upscale variation of tequila, but it‘s just as easily accessible as its Jalisco cousin. 


It doesn’t take much for this unique spirit to add a world of complex flavors to traditional cocktails that leaves you wondering, “What is that I’m tasting?”, with excited curiosity.


The Mezcal Magic 

When you take your first sip of mezcal, the aroma hits you with notes of various herbs, flowers, and vegetables. Then, a smoky finish highlights its “low and slow” cooking method thanks to its underground roasting process. Similar to tequila, there is a familiar warming sensation which is quickly transformed with a smooth and savory finish. 

Smoking the hearts of the agave plants (piñas). For more details on how it’s made, check out Epicurious’s article, “The Rise of Mezcal”.

Smoking the hearts of the agave plants (piñas). For more details on how it’s made, check out Epicurious’s article, “The Rise of Mezcal”.


“It’s said to be the fine wine of agave spirits, and some consumers think they need to be a connoisseur to consume it. In reality, mezcal is a complex spirit that’s easy to understand. It’s a brilliant cultural, historical, and fun spirit that can be enjoyed by anyone,” says Chantal Scutt, a bartender in Florida who offers mezcal tastings at a casual but classy bar. 

Quarantine Cocktails


Lovers of scotch, tequila and other full-bodied spirits have been flocking to mezcal as an exciting new update to their favorite cocktails. 

Even though it’s considered a craft spirit, it can be used in any cocktail to give a sophisticated edge that adds complex layers of flavor.


The Mezcal Mix

Many people are still unsure about going to bars and restaurants during the pandemic. Instead, they’ve been turning to alcohol delivery services like Sipsy to get everything they need to make at home cocktails. 


Now is the perfect time to experiment with your favorite spirits without breaking the bank. What spirit connoisseur wouldn’t have fun crafting their own specialty cocktail in the comfort of their own home?

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One of the most talked about mezcals right now is El Silencio, a pioneer in providing meticulously picked agaves that are hand-crafted to deliver a full-bodied flavor. 


Devoted fans love how its exotic flavor enhances cocktails without overpowering them. They describe this versatile spirit as something meant to be, “kissed and enjoyed with all five senses.” 


In the town of Santa Ana del Rio, there’s a saying – “Para todo mal, mezcal. Y para todo bien, tambien.” Translation – “For everything bad, mezcal. And for everything good, too.” It’s a saying that’s usually followed with a smile and a glass of the local spirit used to cheer on life. 

There’s never been a better time than now to try something new. You’re only a click away from a convenient alcohol delivery service that will get you everything you need in 30 minutes to make a delicious cocktail. How do you plan to cheer on life? Order now and enjoy a kiss of mezcal in 30 minutes.

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