Kim Crawford Prosecco – 750ml



Product Description

Kim Crawford Prosecco Extra Dry Italian White Sparkling Wine features vibrant, crisp notes of pear, citrus, and tropical fruit that dance on the palate. This bubbly wine is produced using the Charmat method, a natural refermentation process occurring in pressurized steel tanks with selected yeasts, which ensures a refined perlage and maintains the fruity aromas typical of this grape. The result is a harmoniously aromatic Kim Crawford Prosecco wine with graceful effervescence and an almond finish. Enjoy this Italian prosecco as an aperitif, mix it into your favorite cocktails, or pair it with omelets, savory pies, vegetables, cured meats, medium-mature cheeses, and seafood. For optimal taste of this Italian sparkling wine, refrigerate this 750 mL bottle of wine for three to three and a half hours before serving well-chilled.


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