Kim Crawford Lemon Iced Tea Wine Spritz – 4 Cans- 12oz



Product Description

A fresh, effervescent wine and tea blend, Kim Crawford Lemon Iced Tea Wine Spritz is made with premium sauvignon blanc white wine, real black tea, sparkling water, and natural flavors from lemon. The New Zealand sauvignon blanc in this bubbly wine spritzer is made with grapes specially selected from vineyards in Marlborough’s Wairau Valley and the neighboring Awatere Valley. The climate and fast-draining soil in this region offer winemakers a selection of grapes that deliver the consistently flavorful wine for which Kim Crawford is known. Each sip of this sparkling wine spritzer offers refreshing lemon flavor, followed by notes of black tea and sauvignon blanc wine with light carbonation. Available in 355 mL (12 oz) cans of portable wine, this fruity wine drink is conveniently packaged for you to enjoy a little Kim Crawford wherever your social life takes you. For optimal taste, refrigerate these premium can wine singles for at least two hours before serving chilled.


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