Kahlua Coffee Liqueur – 750 ml



Product Description

The star ingredient of numerous cocktails, the slight sweetness and classic coffee flavor of Kahlúa make it the perfect addition to drinks made with milk or cream. Hailing from Veracruz, Mexico, Kahlúa coffee liqueur is lovingly crafted using only the finest ingredients, such as 100 percent Arabica coffee beans (which are light-bodied and smooth thanks to the Veracruz climate) and real sugarcane, giving it the mouthwatering flavor and slight kick loved by many. Beloved cocktails such as the sophisticated White Russian, the sometimes dangerous Mind Eraser, or the edgy Espresso Martini simply wouldn’t be the same without the world’s best-selling coffee liqueur, while the delicate notes of vanilla bean and caramel also make for an easy-drinking, smooth liqueur to enjoy over ice. Looking for something a little different? Why not try a Kahlúa and ginger ale or Kahlúa sour, for a fresh twist on this classic liqueur?



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