Drake’s Organic Ultra-Premium Vodka 750ml

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Drake’s Ultra Premium Organic Vodka features a clean and polished nose with subtle, yet inviting hints of citric fruits in the palate and pleasantly lingering aroma of fresh sugarcane juice in the finish. Carefully distilled 12 times with the highest quality USDA Organic Cane Sugar, hand selected to achieve a unique, smooth flavor unattainable by grain alcohol and comparable only to spirits distilled from natural agave– an excellent example of a well-crafted vodka with an organic personality.

1 review for Drake’s Organic Ultra-Premium Vodka 750ml

  1. Leslie

    I’m super sensitive to alcohol so when I found this organic vodka, I had to give it try. And wow. it is so smooth and doesn’t give me the stomach aches or headaches other vodkas do. This is all I drink now.

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