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  • Cigarettes and Vapes Delivered

    Get tobacco delivered with Sipsy! What goes better with vodka? Your favorite pack of smokes!

    Many people have asked for it and now it’s here. For over a year, people have asked us to carry tobacco products so they can enjoy a puff or two with their sips. So it took us a while and now it’s here! You can now get  your favorite smokes with your favorite liquor, beer and wine.

    Cigarette Delivery

    We have a great variety of cigarettes available for delivery.  From menthols to crushes, shorts or longs. We carry all the major brands.  No need to make that trip to the store. Order online with sipsy and get your cigarettes and tobacco delivered!

    Vape Delivery

    We also have a variety of delicious vape flavors available for delivery. Feeling like guava ice or mighty mint? We got these and many more.

    Getting your tobacco delivered is super convenient. Just order online and get it in 30 minutes. You don’t need to go into a store and wait in line. Also, you can get your favorite drinks and snacks delivered too!

    You can get tobacco delivered in North Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys, Studio City, Burbank, Valley Village and Toluca Lake. Tobacco is not available for shipping.

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