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The 7 Best Cocktail Kits for Gifting in 2023

January 16, 2023

Have a cocktail lover in your life?  Here are 7 best cocktail kits we recommend for 2023.


We’ve done lots of research and consulted bartenders, mixoligists and cocktail experts around the world to understand which cocktails are trending right now. We asked these experts to help us craft the perfect individual-sized (and group-sized) cocktail kits. We kept these cocktail kits affordable, fun, and easy to make.


Sipsy’s Cocktail kit gift sets are stocked with artisan spirits and premium cocktail ingredients, bringing the fun to your home! Every kit is carefully curated with fresh, high quality ingredients and easy, step-by-step recipes. Plus with cocktail jiggers and recipe cards, you have everything you need to make the perfect cocktail at home. Because having the right tools for the job is important – and half the fun!


Sipsy offers a wide selection of Tequila, Whiskey, Gin, Vodka and Champagne curated cocktail kits. Each cocktail kit contains all the ingredients, bar kit tools, and recipe card to make the perfect cocktails at home. Packaged in sets for 2, 4, 6, and/or 8 servings – there’s an exact cocktail kit for each individual and each occasion.



For the Trendy Cocktail Lover


1. The Negroni Cocktail Set

(2, 4, & 6 servings) $39.99$59.99

Negroni Cocktail Kit Set


The Negroni is the number 1 ordered cocktail at the trendiest bars and restaurants in LA, Miami, and New York according to our cocktail experts. This cocktail is definitely for the posh cocktail enthusiast.



2. The Espresso Martini Cocktail Set

(2 & 4 servings) $33.99 – $44.99


Espresso martini cocktail kit


Insert fire emoji here, because the Espresso Martini cocktail is the hottest cocktail right now. Our cocktail experts tell us that most bars have started to batch this cocktail now (not the best practice quality-wise, but definitely efficient) to keep up with demand! Some have dubbed this the classier, more elevated “red bull vodka” because of that caffeine kick you get from the espresso. I’m not sure we agree with this statement but we definitely agree that this cocktail will continue to be one of the hottest in 2023.


For the Tequila Lover


3. The Sipsy Classic Margarita Cocktail Set

(2, 4, & 6 servings) $38.99-$59.99

Classic Margarita Cocktail Kit


The growing popularity of tequila spurred the growth of this classic cocktail. The Margarita cocktail is simple and refreshing and is the go-to cocktail for any tequila lover. The citrus flavors from the lime and the orange liqueur work really well with the earthier flavors of a blanco tequila.


4. The Sipsy Spicy Margarita Cocktail Set

(6-8 servings) $69.99

Spicy Margarita Cocktail Kit

We think the invention of the Spicy margarita happened by accident when a few jalapeños accidentally fell into a classic margarita. But we have no evidence of this being at all factual info. What we do know is that this spicy twist on a classic margarita is delicious and preferred over a classic margarita by those who like a little kick to their cocktails.


5. The Paloma Cocktail Set

(2, 4 servings) $35.99 – $45.99

Paloma Cocktail Gift Set

The Paloma cocktail – Margarita’s sexier cousin. Some bars will mix this up for you with blanco tequila, squirt (yes the soda!) and a splash of lime. But this cocktail kit brings you a much chicer cocktail with superior ingredients like our black lava sea salt and Fever Tree sparkling grapefruit. Any Paloma aficionado would appreciate the top-notch quality of this Paloma cocktail kit.


For the Whiskey Lover



6. The Old Fashioned Cocktail Set

(2, 4, & 6 servings) $38.99-$59.99

Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit

The Old Fashioned is the first known “cocktail” with its origins dating back to 1806. This is the cocktail that all other cocktails have to live up. It’s no wonder that this is one of the most popular cocktails. It has classy, old school yet still very cool written all over it. It’s tasty, easy to drink, and even easier to make.


For the Gin Lover


7. The Flower Bomb Gin Cocktail Set

(6 – 8 servings) $69.99

gin cocktail kit gift


Gin is arguably the most popular liquor for cocktails due its subtle floral flavors and versatility. This gin cocktail kit is not only well-balanced and delicious, but it is also visually stunning. As our bartenders tell us, there has been an increase in demand for visually striking so they use Empress 1908 gin because of its unique indigo color which enhances any gin cocktail. This category of cocktails is something we will see more of in 2023.



Virtual Happy Hour Cocktails


Delivered straight to their door in a gorgeous illustrated gift box, Sipsy’s cocktail kits are the perfect gift to really say “thank you” or “I appreciate you”. Plus, Sipsy offers the option to send a customized gift message so they’ve got all your bases covered. These cocktail kits really popular for virtual happy hours . They are fun and easy to make with only 4-5 ingredients provided all in the fun Sipsy box.


Corporate Gifts


Sipsy offers customization for corporate orders too! We can create any cocktail or add corporate branding to any of our kits. For special corporate order requests, contact us at We also offer volume pricing and an easy ordering process.


Our customer service is top-notch, and our customers come back to us again and again! Get in touch with us at

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